DYNAloc 35 A – genuine Becker-Quality, you can lay yourself. A system that saves time and money

This prefabricated sub-construction is the perfect foundation for sport floors, that meet every standard for all modern area-, and combi-elastic systems and performs with outstanding functional qualities.

The ideal solution for all school sports, ball games, Gymnastics and Badminton. “A” stands for “Air”. A special open-cell-foam secures perfect air ventilation, makes the system less sensitive to humidity, the first choice for underfloor-heatings.

We recommend DYNAloc 35A for venues where heavy stands will be installed.

Internal structure

20 mm of reticulated open-cell PUR-foam under two 6 mm and 9 mm premium-quality plywood layers. This build-up is glued together in our factory and guarantees excellent stress-resistant properties and stability.

The PUR-foam secures the required flexibility.

The final top layer is not included in the DYNAloc-System.

DYNAloc 27 A


DYNAloc 27


DYNAloc 35