DYNAloc P – genuine Becker-Quality, you can lay yourself. A system that saves time and money

This prefabricated sub-construction is the perfect foundation for sport floors, that meet every standard for all modern area-elastic systems and performs with outstanding functional qualities.

In combination with our top-quality two-layer parquet flooring, DYNAloc P is the ideal solution for Basket-, Hand- and Volleyball as well as all school sports, ball games.

A special open-cell-foam secures perfect air ventilation, makes the system less sensitive to humidity.

Simply and quickly

  • The two premium-quality plywood-layers and the PUR-foam underneath are already glued together in our factory. The prefabricated ready-to-lay-elements measure 1,50 m x 1,50 m.
  • The area-elastic system offers high shock-absorption (55 %) and reacts immediately when it is exposed to minimal loading from above.
  • Together with our top-quality two-layer parquet flooring, DYNAloc P is the perfect choice for a long-living and extremely stress-resistant sports floor.
  • DYNAloc is designed for quick and easy installation. A sub-construction of approximately 1000 square-meters can be installed by two people in two days. A system, that saves about 75 % of the working time in comparison to the installation of a sports flooring layer by layer the conventional way.  
  • Each DYNAloc-element is prefabricated to the highest standards of precision, formatted and guaranteed to fit.
  • Due to its low construction-height DYNAloc is the perfect solution for refurbishing-projects. Low cost, highest quality – this system can even be installed directly over existing floors.
  • DYNAloc meets the European and German standards of EN 14904 und DIN 18032-2.

Internal structure

20 mm of PUR-foam under two 6 mm and 9 mm premium-quality plywood layers. This build-up is glued together in our factory and guarantees excellent stress-resistant properties and stability.

The PUR-foam secures the required flexibility.

The final top layer is not included in the DYNAloc-System. 

DYNAloc 27 A

DYNAloc 35

DYNAloc 35 A


DYNAloc 27