Company Profil

Becker Sport can look back on a long history. In 1923, the sons of Karl Becker, the inventor of the brick dust surface for tennis courts, founded a sports construction firm which has since become one of the leading companies in the building of sports grounds.
In the 1970s the company further established its position as a specialist for constructing sports grounds abroad, and in 1995 we developed indoor playing surfaces as an additional product range.
The company is now the market leader in this sector of playing surfaces.

Our product range now includes nearly all playing surface systems for all kinds of leisure and competitive sports in stadia, sports halls and leisure centers. To meet the high standards required to ensure the safety and playability of our sports surfaces, we have our products tested for suitability and quality at independent laboratories. Various associations and testing laboratories will confirm that our products are completely suitable for national and international competitions right up to the Olympic Games.

In all areas of sports ground construction, based on the latest knowledge from sports medicine, Becker Sport has developed products and installation methods which guarantee the highest standards of quality and cost-effectiveness.
Our product lines are:

• BECKER sport indoor
protection wall systems
• BECKER equipment systems