DYNAloc – prefabricated, easy to install, genuine Becker-Quality for less money

You save about 75 % of the working time in comparison to the conventional layer-by-layer-installation. An area of approximately 1000 square-meters can be installed by two people in two days.

We deliver the prefabricated ready-to-lay-elements measuring 1,50m x 1,50m each. The two premium-quality plywood-layers and the PUR-foam in between are already glued together in our factory. Each element meets the highest standards of precision, is guaranteed to fit.

You need:

  • an air compressor
  • a power stapler
  • a hand-held circular saw
  • glue and
  • glue roller

The installation:
You apply the glue to the single lower layer of an element, …

… that has already been installed, assemble it with the next element

… and staple the overlapping parts of the two elements together – DONE, THAT'S ALL!

Video - Dynaloc Installation